Dan Lussier is an accomplished internet marketing executive with a lifelong passion for the automotive industry and more than three decades of experience in sales. A sincere car-lover with a heavy emphasis on high-end specialty vehicles, Dan has dedicated his professional life to connecting buyers with the automobile of their dreams.

Dan Lussier enjoyed his first exposure to the cars as just a child, when he would spend time on his father’s car lot learning the ins and outs of the business. His father’s dealership was located in the family’s home state of New Hampshire. Over the years the dealership grew to be widely renowned for its expertise in Corvettes. As the internet came to the forefront of day-to-day life, Dan recognized extremely early on the way in which this new technology would transform consumer good markets of all varieties. As such, he became a first adopter of new platforms like eBay to pivot his businesses to face the future and connect with a global audience of car enthusiasts.

Dan Lussier, along with his father and brother, eventually relocated to Florida to open a classic car dealership, Lussier Motorsports. He also partnered with a friend to build Naples Motorsports.  Dan has since provided critical resource in growing both a Kia and Hyundai dealership in the Fort Myers metropolitan area. Today, he is based in Sarasota where he spearheads internet marketing for Encore Motorcars.

Dan Lussier is, above all else, a car aficionado. Although that love spans all makes and models, he is especially devoted to specialty cars. Beyond a deep appreciation for European supercars like Lamborghinis and Maseratis, Dan loves cars with a special place in American history. He is grateful his career has allowed him to pair this passion with his commitment to helping people and offering best-in-class customer service experiences. Often, his clients have worked very hard for very long and are now in a position to reward themselves with a dream car. To be a part of that process and offer support in such a special moment of someone’s life is nothing short than an absolute privilege. Dan prides himself on his ability to not just hear his clients, but truly listen, so that they drive off the lot absolutely ecstatic.

Throughout the duration of his career, Dan Lussier has been fortunate enough to enjoy a number of incredible opportunities. These include serving as a judge for the National Corvette Restoration Society, which afforded him the chance to dine with Zora Arkus-Duntov, famous worldwide for his work as the father of the Corvette. His vast knowledge of classic cars has led to work on the set of Cheers – his lot provided Ted Danson’s iconic 1967 red Corvette – as well as business dealings with a number of A-list celebrities and professional athletes. The New York City District Attorney’s Office once tapped him to serve as an expert representative in a high-profile case featuring millions of dollars worth of cars.

Dan Lussier holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from New Hampshire College and an Engineer’s Degree in Avionics  from USN Millington.

Dan Lussier

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Dan Lussier loves cars. However, even more than the vehicles, Dan is passionate about the car enthusiast community. Daniel is not just in the car business – he is in the people business.