In recent years technology has drastically changed the car industry. While it has most obviously affected the stand features of a vehicle, it has also changed the way that consumers shop for new and used vehicles. As a result of the internet, today’s car customers are more knowledge than ever. Below are some of the most notable ways that technology has changed the industry.


Cameras are a common feature found in vehicles nowadays. In general, they help drivers be more aware of their surroundings while on the road. They also make it easier for drivers to back up and to park their vehicles. Cameras have become increasingly powerful due in part to sensors. The technology warns drivers if they get too close to objects; consequently, it has made roads safer. While the 1956 Buick Centurion was the first car to ever feature a camera, it wasn’t until more recently that cameras became a standard feature in many production models. Consumers even have the ability to purchase a camera for their vehicle if it doesn’t come equipped with one.


In-vehicle computers make it possible for drivers to use GPS, cruise control, and a number of other useful features. Years ago a mechanic only needed to understand how an engine worked in order to service a vehicle. Now, though, a mechanic must also be knowledgeable about how a vehicle’s software functions in order to provide updates and resolve issues.

Autonomous Vehicles

Each day it seems that the technology behind autonomous vehicles becomes more powerful. Many analysts predict that it won’t be long before the majority of vehicles are able to drive themselves. Self-driving vehicles have the potential to be safer; however, they also have the potential of eliminating jobs that currently require drivers. If self-driving vehicles become as ubiquitous as analysts believe they will, manufacturers will need to protect their vehicles from hackers.

Purchasing a Vehicle

Technology has also changed how consumers purchase a new or used vehicle. In the past, the first step to buying a car was visiting a dealership to speak with a dealer. Now most customers start their car search by browsing the internet. The internet has given customers numerous tools to help them with their car search. For example, they have access to numerous reviews; they know all of a car’s features, and they can use the internet to purchase a vehicle from anywhere in the world if they want. A recent study found that 63% of consumers will most likely purchase their vehicle online.