Over the past two decades, the number of apps available for smartphones has exploded. Drivers have benefited from the available apps in many ways. However, with so many apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth paying for and downloading to your phone. Below are some of the top apps that you should consider downloading to benefit your driving experience.


Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps on the market. Typical GPS technology just tells you how to get to point B from point A as quickly as possible. Waze takes this standard GPS technology and adds a human touch. Other users who have downloaded the app can add alerts for traffic jams, accidents, and other events that slow down your trip. The app recognizes when a particular route has significant delays, and it will suggest an alternative route. Best of all, the app is free!  

Repair Pal

When it comes to car repairs, nobody wants to overpay. At the same time, though, you want your vehicle to receive quality service. Calling all of the mechanics in your area to get quotes is time-consuming. Repair Pal takes care of this process for you by providing estimates for different services in your area. You can also get estimates via the Repair Pal website and learn more about how the organization works with repair shops.

Dynolicious Classic

If you want to test your car’s performance but you don’t have the cash to spare on expensive testing equipment, download Dynolicious Classic. The inexpensive app will help you test your vehicle’s horsepower and acceleration. Currently, the app is only available for iPhones—it relies on the accelerometers within the phone. Once the app collects the data, you can graph it and compare the data with other data you have collected. Learn more about the app by visiting its official site.


Nowadays the price of gas is relatively inexpensive compared to the heights it reached in 2008. However, if you can save money while filling up your tank, you should still take advantage of it. GasBuddy has a site and an app that lists all of the gas stations in your area along with their prices, and it sorts them from low to high. As a result, you’ll always know which gas station in your area has the lowest price. GasBuddy is an especially useful tool for people who drive large SUVs. When filling up a large car’s tank, every cent you save counts. Check out GasBuddy’s website here.