If you’re a car lover then the best place to be is behind the wheel of a car. Next to that, though, the second best place to be is at a car show. Every year there are hundreds of car shows held throughout the world. Car shows give manufacturers the opportunity to reveal the latest technology, display new concepts, and measure what consumers find exciting. Below are ten of the world’s best auto shows.

Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show is held biennially. Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and its motor show is never a letdown. Since the Tokyo Motor Show is only held biennially it always draws a huge crowd of car enthusiasts. The motor show has a reputation for highlighting concept vehicles more so than production models, so be prepared for some eye-popping entries. The next Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled for this October.

North American International Auto Show

Every year the North American International Auto Show is held in Detroit, Michigan, the capital of the American automotive world. Consumers often get their first look at the newest Ford and General Motors vehicles at this show. The show also hosts the award ceremonies for the truck and North American car of the year.

Chicago Auto Show

In recent years the Chicago Auto Show has become more popular than the North American International Auto Show. At each show, attendees get to see more than 1,000 vehicles which makes it the largest auto show in the United States. The show is typically held at the McCormack Place convention complex.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Every summer the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place in West Sussex, England. The auto show lasts for three days and usually attracts 100,000 attendees. It’s held on the grounds of Goodwood House, a country house built around 1600. The grounds are important to British automotive history because they are home to the Goodwood Circuit.

Pebble Beach Car Week

Pebble Beach Car Week features some of the world’s rarest vehicles. The auto show, which runs for a week, is known to attract celebrities and a number of the richest people in the world. During the event, cars are regularly auctioned off for enormous sums.

Paris Motor Show

The biennial Paris Motor Show has the distinction of being the first motor show to ever take place. It’s also one of the most popular auto shows in the world. The next show will take place in 2018, and it’s sure to feature some of the world’s best-designed automobiles.