For those of us who can’t get enough of shows that focus on rebuilding cars or ones that describe the specifications of vehicles you love, it’s worth it to check out these shows.


Top Gear

Whether it’s the show from the UK or the US, Top Gear is a favorite amongst car lovers from around the world. This show puts the latest and greatest luxury cars to the test by showing how they stack up against the specs that the manufacturers give and their honest reviews of each car. Episodes feature guest stars and often involve a challenge of some sort or interesting features.



Even the most avid car enthusiast can let their car fall into a state of disrepair. The team at Overhaulin’, with the help of the car owner’s family and friends, secretly take the owner’s car and make it showroom new. Unlike other shows like Pimp My Ride, that attempt to transform cars into cars with unnecessary interior features, Overhaulin’ gives the car boosts under the hood.


Jay Leno’s Garage

It’s common knowledge for any regular viewer of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that Jay is an avid car collector. After retiring from late night television, Jay decided to move in a different direction on TV and focus on his love of cars. In this show, Jay visits other celebrities’ car collections, gives information about new cars, and goes out in search of unique cars and the stories behind each one.


Counting Cars

We’ve all seen the shows that take a broken down house and turn it into a beautiful home in an attempt to make more off of the finished product than the original cost of buying it. That premise is applied to cars in Counting Cars. The host is Danny ‘The Count’ Koker from Pawn Stars and the show follows him as he finds classic cars and bikes that are in desperate need of work and completely restores them to their former glory.



Unlike the other shows on this list, Joyride is all about finding the best car in a specific category. Hosted by four car-obsessed celebrities, each one is in charge of finding their favorite car within a category and the others test it out to see which one is overall the best.