For many of us, getting our hands on an exotic car is not likely to become a reality, unless we make it big in our careers or hit the lottery. For those of us who are itching to get behind the wheel of a luxury car, there are ways we can do so without the enormous price tag that inevitably comes with owning one of these cars.


Xtreme Xperience

This company allows you to drive an exotic car around a real racetrack. Each of the cars available has a minimum of 500 horsepower, allowing you to sit in the driver’s seat of an actual racecar. These experiences are available to everyone, although there are some height restrictions for certain models of cars. This relatively inexpensive option lets you get behind the wheel at an affordable rate. With racetracks located around the country, you’re sure to find one near you.


Gotham Dream Cars

Unlike the other options available on this list, Gotham Dream Cars offers the Dream Car Tour that lets you drive the best cars around for at least 3 hours. You’ll start the day by going over the inventory of the cars with the instructors and learning the features of each one. After that, you’ll leave and drive 15 miles into the open road, stopping to switch drivers and letting you get a feel for each one. Instead of going around in a circle or driving on a track, this experience allows you to know how it would be to actually drive these kinds of cars everyday. These are also held throughout the United States.


Renting an Exotic Car

If you’re interested in really getting a feel for one of the exotic cars, you should consider renting one for a couple of days. Car rental companies like Enterprise and specialty car rental agencies will often have a line of exotics that are available for rental. This is the costliest of the options listed but it will allow you to have control of the car for days rather than hours or even minutes.


Unfortunately, if you go to a Lamborghini dealer and ask to test drive a car just because you want to try it out, they will certainly turn you away. If you’re really interested in driving an exotic car but don’t want to buy one outright, these are great options that will allow you to get behind the wheel.