You are at the point in life where you are ready for a new car.  Overall, you find that your vehicle is in good shape, but you want more. This thought leads you to think about trading in your car for something that fits your current lifestyle.

Trading in your car at a dealership offers more ease and convenience compared to selling your old car by yourself. Although it is an easier process, there are still some things you need to keep in mind to get the most value possible. Keeping these tips in mind will help to ensure success at your next car trade-in.

Conduct Research 

Before going to a dealership, find out how much your car is worth. Knowing beforehand will help you gain a better idea whether or not the price the dealership is offering is fair or not. Using a car appraisal tool will help you identify an amount that you should be looking out for. Keep in mind that the amount of mileage and overall on your car will also play a large part in the price point for your vehicle.

Detail Your Car

After using your car for a couple of years, dirt and gunk can hide in the cracks and crannies.  Along with washing the outside of your vehicle, do not neglect the inside. Even though you may not have any visible trash, dirt can hide in the carpets, dashboard, and the door interiors.  Having both your interior and exterior looking like “new” will add more value to your car.

If you don’t have the time to do a full detail yourself, you can visit a professional auto detailer. Prices for a full detail can reach upwards of $100. If you are looking to do detail your car yourself, you can find an extensive “how to” list on

Don’t be Afraid to Shop Around

If you don’t like the first offer you get, you don’t have to take it. Different car dealerships will have various proposals, so if you do not want the offer at one, go to another dealership. Of course, remember not to expect to get more than what your car is worth. Be realistic when looking at your offers. Understand from the dealer’s perspective that your trade-in is a business transaction. Find something that works for both you and them.

After doing your research, detailing your car, and exploring all of your options you will surely get the most out of your trade-in. Next time you are looking to trade in your vehicle takes these tips into account for the best “bang for your buck”.