Car engines were made to run on a regular basis. Not touching a car for years and then one day trying to start it may seem like a hopeless and daunting task. But, it is not impossible to accomplish. Using a combination of the following techniques will help you in getting your old engine humming again.

Check Under the Hood

If your car has been sitting in your garage or a storage unit, your chances of running into rust or corrosion lessen. However, if the vehicle has been facing years of harsh weather, it can take a toll on the car. Weather conditions can cause the car to rot, rust, and form holes in the engine. Removing rust on the cylinder walls of the engine should be scrubbed off before you proceed.

Check the Oil

Oil is one of the most important fluids in your car. Oil lubricates the engine; it helps to keep everything moving as well as prevent the engine from overheating. Often when a vehicle is untouched for quite some time, oil can settle to the bottom or dry up completely. The engine becomes less lubricated and harder to turn over. Christopher Neiger of recommends along with replacing the oil in the tank, place oil directly on the cylinders.

Inspect Your Car Battery

Often car batteries break down and die when they are not used all the time. If sitting long enough, a car battery can lose its charge. Try giving the car a jump start, to try to recharge the battery. If the battery is still is dead, install a new one altogether.

Drain Your Gas and Replace the Fuel Filter

Gasoline has an expiration date, and if it sits too long, it can turn to varnish and harm the fuel system. While you drain the old gas, replace the fuel filter. Justin Lloyd-Miller of explains that fuel filters dry out and an old one will not help your engine run cleanly.

After going through this list and replacing everything that needs tending to, it is time to turn the key to see if the engine turns over. With a little luck and some handyman skills, applying these tips to your car will help to get your car back running on the road in no time.