OK, you are more than ready to get off the grid for some R&R. It’s finally here…Vacation. Halleluiah!
You are ready to get out of dodge, but what about your car? Your car needs to be ready too. Check off this punch-list before you saddle up, so you can roll out with confidence. If you can, bring it to your mechanic a week or so before your scheduled to go. If you do nothing else, at least build your “Roadside Emergency Kit” and keep it in the car when traveling far. I keep one of these with in may Jeep always, but I always check it again before hitting the road.
1. The Roadside Emergency Kit. Don’t leave without it!
a. Emergency Medium/Large Gear Bag to Hold the Following:
b. Jumper Cables
c. Tow Rope
d. Flashlight with New Batteries
e. Flat Tire Fixer
f. Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool or Small Tool Bag (see McIver)
g. Lightstick (12-Hour)
h. Pad of Paper and Sharpie for Signs/Notes
i. Waterproof Poncho(s)
j. Blanket
k. Work Gloves
l. Duct Tape
m. Jug of Water
n. Rags/Towel

2. Before Departure Day-Check All Fluids/Wear Items or Have Shop Check These:
a. Good Spare Tire, Jack & Tire Iron
b. Oil change recently?
c. Coolant recently changed or flushed?
d. Brakes Ok?
e. Tire Tread
f. Wiper Blades
g. Washer Fluid
h. If at a Shop Check Alignment
i. Tire pressure at Correct Levels

Drive Safe and Have Fun!