There are some amazing car models in the market that are eco-friendly and definitely worth buying. If you are looking to get hold of a car that is great for the environment and consumes less fuel, then take a look at the following vehicles.

Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt, which was launched in 2016, can travel for a couple of miles on electricity and can run a distance of as much as 53 miles without consuming any gasoline. It’s a car that you can easily recharge overnight from in-garage charging stations. Additionally, it has a wonderful gasoline engine that powers the volt and helps with highway acceleration whenever the car battery gets exhausted.

The fact that you get to spend a lot less on fuel than you would when you use this car, makes it one that is definitely worth buying.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius, also launched in 2016, has a sleek appearance and comes with revised rear suspensions. It is comfortable to travel in, and it has a sporty look too. If you are an adventure loving person always looking to be on the move, then this is the car for you.

The Prius is a car that boasts of features like automated follow systems and pedestrian detection. The cruise controls are easy to set and the car is also capable of bringing itself slowly to a halt without any input from you or the person who is driving it.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid 2016 model is affordable to purchase and makes for smooth driving, even over potholed commutes. You can travel in a smooth and hassle free manner in this car over long highway routes, and the car never gives you a feeling of being under power.

If you want a car that is a larger version of the Toyota Prius that can be used for driving over long distances, then this is the car that you should certainly consider buying. This vehicle comes with excellent shelf life, and it likely will be many years before you have to dispose of it and get a new one to replace it.

The car models mentioned above are excellent eco-friendly vehicles that you should consider if you want to own a great car while keeping the environment healthy and non-toxic at the same time.