Every year, car manufacturers come up with incredible new technology that makes driving safer and more efficient for drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to invest in a brand new car, so it would seem that those with older cars would be out of luck. The truth is, if you’re saddled with an older car, you can install aftermarket devices to your car to bring it to present day technology at an inexpensive price.


Parking sensors

New car consumers are normally fascinated by the rear cam option found in many new cars and are unsure how they were ever able to manage without them. Even cars that were built a few years ago are not likely to have this feature, so unless you buy a brand new car, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it come standard. If you would like to avoid scratching your older car, consider purchasing a parking sensor kit that will indicate when you’re coming close to hitting another car or object. Depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, it may be equipped with a dash display screen that would allow you to install an aftermarket camera that would sync to the display automatically. There are many options at different price points if you’re interested in installing parking sensors, the more expensive versions offering more features, but many of them are better than nothing in helping to avoid scratches to your older car.


Bluetooth Stereos

Newer cars have Bluetooth stereo systems standard, which allows the driver to answer the phone, send text messages, and talk to their friends. This technology seems like it would only be available to new cars, but surprisingly, can be installed on pretty much any vehicle you own. Bluetooth stereo systems sync to your cell phone, so you’re able to talk on the phone without actually holding your phone, avoiding any ticket you may acquire from police officers and also allowing you to focus on the major task at hand-driving. To get this technology in your older vehicle, simply switch out your current radio system with a Bluetooth compatible one.


Heated seats

If you live in a part of the country that reaches subzero temperatures, the comfort of a heated seat is surely desirable. On those cold mornings when you leave the house to head to work, a nice, warm seat will help to start your day off right. Unfortunately, most of us won’t have heated seats with older cars, but it’s easy and cheap to fix. In fact, there are many options that are under $100 so that you can drive comfortably, even in the dead of winter.